Laredo Airport in Texas

The Laredo International Airport is a publicly owned airport that is located on the eastern side of Laredo, Texas.  The airport in Laredo, TX has a small restaurant and a small gift shop.  There are several rental car companies at the airport.  The airport is rather small, but does have a second floor where the security checkpoint is and where you will board and exit your flight.  Usually there are several U.S. Border Patrol agents at the airport who are there to check for proper documentation at the security checkpoint.  The Airport has free access to the Internet.

Laredo Airport

If you are planning to go to Mexico after you land at the airport, there are usually several taxi drivers waiting outside the airport and they will charge you about 20-30 dollars to take you to the border.  Its better to let them drop you off at the bridge and walk across because the drivers will typically charge about double if they have to enter Mexico because of the sometimes long wait to get back into the USA.  If you are driving your own car into Mexico, the first city you will encounter is Nuevo Laredo.  The city of Monterrey is the next city to the south after Nuevo Laredo. This is about a 2 and a half hour drive in a car.  If you are planning to leave the city of Nuevo Laredo, you should stop at a Mexican Inmigration office in order to pay a fee and register the car for use in Mexico.  If you are just visitng Nuevo Laredo, you don't have to register your car.  The airport code for the Laredo Airport is LRD.

Runway Information

 Direction  Length  Surface
 14/32 5,928 feet  Concrete
 17L/35R 8,236 feet Concrete
 17R/35L 2,350 Asphalt






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